Salteshi Invitational 8/22/20

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Salteshi Invitational 8/22/20

I’ll keep this post updated with the latest info for the Tsalteshi Meet and send a remind app note

First, the Mitigation Plan for the meet and the flyer. A few notes: the starts will be in waves of runners, not mass-start. The only time masks are taken off is when racing, unless they want to wear a mask when racing also. No concessions, no sharing of food or water. No facilities other than portable toilets (no locker rooms).

Second, our travel plan. Here is the proposed version. We’ll board and sit in pods of runners with separation between pods. I’ll edit this post and send a remind app if anything in the plan is changed.

If you have concerns or questions, please get in touch with me. These are all things we have control over and can adjust as needed. Please call or email me 907-980-0459

About the pods, we haven’t needed to divide up yet because we’ve had small groups at practice and we’ve been good at keeping separate. Starting today we’re expecting enough runners to start dividing into pods. We’ll do that first thing at practice today and keep those pods together for any part of the workout we’re doing together. Those pods will be the same as used for bus rides all season.

Backup Plan

We are working with the Seward coaches and AD for a backup plan if this meet is canceled. Seward is at green or nearly there right now, so we might be able to go to Seward for a meet if Tsalteshi is canceled.


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