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Sprint Drills

Don’t let today ruin tomorrow

micro-dose about 5 to 10 each 

MAX 3 or 4 exercises in a workout

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Eight Laws of Learning

Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

John Wooden

Other sprint drills

Walk Overs

Smooth, precise movement.  Learning muscle memory for proper running form.

Bosch Drills

Step up onto a bleacher or box

hip extension off big toe

get tall

drive knee high

Right leg fwd slightly, Close to bench

Pretend to hold weight both hands on right then left

Left leg back and ¾ squat on right leg

Rise up, both arms up, left foot moves fwd and gently lands on bleacher step, don’t stomp bleacher, move fwd into the step

Add dumb bells or other weight(instability)

Also can rise up and go to second step, quick react to first step (step-step)

Easy Skips

Fast arms, good arm posture.  Legs driving into the ground, midfoot foot strike.

Butt Kicks

Fast movement.  Foot into the butt. Knee not high. Drive the foot down into the ground.


Strong arm movement, proper running posture.  Drive the foot into the ground, with a clawing action.

High Knees

Fast movement.  Arms swing all the way through, above the shoulder, back to behind the butt.

Butt Kick and Reach

Full arm swing through.

Lunge Walk-overs

Notice the fast foot and leg movement with matching fast arm movement.

Box Jump

Don’t need a box.  Fast movement.  Go for height more than distance. Minimize time on the ground. Fast full arm swing from shoulder level to behind butt.

Single Leg Box Jump

Fast movement.  

Speed Bounds

Do some of these while maintaining running form and not going for distance to develop fast movements.  Do some of these going for distance to develop strength and powerful strides.  When going for distance and power, keep the foot coming forward low to the ground, not quite dragging, ready to snap back down for the bound.  These two methods are shown in the video.

Prime Times

Drive the arms.  Keep the legs in front, knees almost straight.  Focus on driving the foot back down into the ground.  

Hang Stretch

Split Stretch

Leg Swings

Leg closest to wall is the one that is swinging.  Opposing arm movement is fast with good form.  Lightly strike the ground but with forefoot, like a clawing action.  Foot comes high in the front and butt level in the back, almost like a butt kick.

Russian Lunges

Star Jumps

Arms back over-head, chest open, legs slightly back.


Upper body maintains running posture

Cat(Depth) Jumps

Stick the landing.  Land in various positions (both feet together, lunge both sides). Land like a cat! ready to pounce again!

Fwd, 180, 360 twists

Push Ups and Core

Wicket Drills

Goal is to land in middle of each spacing

Over time develop and mark (cones) lead-in steps

Quantity: 8 wickets (up to 15 by end of season) 6 to 7 Times

Begin and End each session with Full Arms

Slightly sub-maximal speed to concentrate on form


Full Arms

No Arms (down to side)

Arms Front


Arms High



Raise The Roof

Basketball Hoop


Cat Jumps

Jump off a box or bleacher or step, about 30”

STICK THE LANDING, arms out front

Land with stiffness

Fwd, 180, 360 twists

Depth Jumps

Cat jump then immediately jump over low hurdle

react to the ground

As little time on the ground as possible

Toe Pops


jump with ankles, ankle stiffness, ankle explosion

for height once , then for distance
pulling with a band

up a ramp


Stiff body stiff arms to side

Booms, boom-boom, boom-boom-boom
Knee up, running form arms

Stay tall

As knee/foot comes down, other one goes up


High knees

wavering is good learning balance

Assisted Plyos

fast ground contact time, less than 0.1s when running

Person in front slow walk

Person in back hands on shoulder doing toe pops


don’t drag back foot

Keep running form arms

Stay tall

  • Rocket Lunge tall, rocket knee through, fast running form arms
  • Lunge Pop-Ups high jump about 6 inches
  • Long Lunge pick up back foot
  • Backwards Lunge pick up feet

Bound and Stick explosive bound and stick the landing on one foot
wobble is learning the motion
stabilize between bounds

Wall Swings hold on to wall
inside leg swings
head high out front
waist high in back
brush the ground
7-8 seconds
partners encourage, higher faster
when slowing down, stop
arm swings out front
obstacle course
5 bound measure
backwards run TT
lateral speed drills for football training