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Sprints and Jumps

Drills and routines to work on your sprinting form, top speed, and strength.
Sprinting and distance running have nearly the same stride movements and actions, running form drills are nearly the same for both disciplines. Some of these videos and drills are also used for distance runners, with a slightly different outcome, but the drills apply to both because they’re working on the foundations of running movement.

Running Form

Balance Drills

Sprint Drills

Arm Movement
stand in front of a mirror and practice arm movement, close your eyes and vizualize running while you’re doing this..visualize your legs moving, landing, driving forward, pushing straight ahead, visualize what it feels like if you were doing it yourself, and if you were an outside observer watching you run

Hurdle Drill
Notice how he’s still getting the same number of steps between hurdles as if he were running, even though he’s basically walking and the hurdles are close together. You could practice the first one, set up a kitchen chair as reference as if it were a hurdle, and practice, pay attention to hip and knee and ankle relation to each other.