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State Champions

Will you be next?

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Girls Champions
1978L. FlaggTriple Jump
1982R. RowederHigh Jump
1989J. Chapple100m Hurdles
1989J. Olson300m Hurdles
1990B. Ladd800m, 1600m, 3200m
1991B. Ladd800m, 1600m
1999K. ParkinsonDiscus
2000K. ParkinsonDiscus
2013T. Cabana, A. Waclawski,C. Soistman, A. Shemet-Pitcher1600m Relay
2014T. Cabana, A. Waclawski,C. Crane, A. Shemet-Pitcher1600m Relay
2014A. Waclawski800m
2015A. Cardoza, A. Waclawski,S. Wolf, Z. Shemet-Pitcher400m Relay
2015A. Cardoza, L. Evarts,C. Crane, Z. Shemet-Pitcher800m Relay
2015S. Wolf, Z. Shemet-Pitcher,C. Crane, A. Waclawski1600m Relay
2016A. Rosencrans, A. Waclawski,A. Shemet-Pitcher, A. Moseley3200m Relay
2016C. Gillette, A. Cardoza, K. Veldstra, S. Wolf400m Relay
2016K. Veldstra, L. Evarts, A. Bales, S. Wolf800m Relay
2016L. Evarts300m Hurdles
2017A. BrockShot Put, Discuss
2017C. Gillete, L. Evarts, A. Bales, K. Veldstra400m Relay
2017K. Veldstra100m Dash
2017L. Evarts, C. Gillete, M. Pitzman, A. Daigle1600m Relay
2017L. Kuhns, A. Rosencrans,M. Pitzman, A. Daigle3200m Relay
2018A. BrockShot Put, Discuss
2019A. BrockShot Put
2019E. Blanton-Yourkowski, A. Daigle,H. Overson, B. Miller3200m Relay
2019L. Inama300m Hurdles

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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Boys Champions
1977R. SmithPole Vault
1979-1980S.Marshal-PrydeMile Run
1993B.WallaceHigh Jump
1994J.Becker400m Dash
2016T. Croft, L.Fasulo, Z.Boyer, J.Richter800m Relay
2017J.Brant, J.Davis, B.Rich, L.Fasulo3200m Relay
2017J. CarrollHigh Jump
2018D.Waclawski, B.Rich, J.Davis, L. Fasulo3200m Relay
2018L. Fasulo800m