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Running Form

A collection of videos that are great for working on your running form. Some great examples of what to work on for yourself.

Your running form should be the same motion if you’re sprinting or at a low speed jog. It’s pretty much the same form.

Focus on how your foot lands.
How to make some changes to your running form.

Cadence is key! If you’re keeping a high enough cadence, it’s actually really hard to have poor running form. Work up to 180 cadence, that’s a foot hitting the ground 180 times per minute.

You can use a metronome or a phone app. Here’s a link to a low cost metronome. There are many phone apps for metronomes, some even adjust the speed of your music faster or slower to match the desired cadence.

If you’re using a running watch like Garmin or Polar, they record cadence also. It’s really good feedback to check the charts online to see how your cadence varied during your run.