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Form Videos

If your’re going to send form check videos, it’s important to get good angles and views.

Using a basic video camera or smartphone, you can analyze your own form and apply specific drills and exercises to correct any deficiencies. Numerous photos incorporate lines and arrows to help you clearly identify the appropriate angles and movements of sound technique.

No expensive software or bio-mechanics degree is required, but there a few good apps, to learn how to run faster and with more efficiency and to significantly reduce your risk of injury. Coaches Eye is a great software to analyze your running form. It’s not hard to use for yourself. If you want help, coach Bob has experience with it and can send you back the videos with notes.

It can be helpful to record yourself while running on a treadmill. Record yourself at various speeds and try to keep the same form, your foot should hit the ground at about the same spot on the treadmill regardless of how fast you’re running.

This video has good example of what you want when you’re recording form video.
  • General running form
    • Side view of you running past the camera.
    • Camera far enough back to see a few strides.
    • Camera high enough to see your head and low enough to see feet hitting the ground.
    • Front view of running form can have value as well. Feel free to record both. If you have to choose one though, I’d go with side.
  • Block start
    • Camera in line with the start line, to the side.
    • Camera far out enough to see the first 3-4 steps.
    • Camera high and low enough to have you entirely in frame from top to bottom.
    • Front view of block start can also have some value, but if you have to do just one, do side view.
  • Jumping events
    • Camera perpindicular to takeoff.
    • have the entire approach on camera. Most of your issues in your jump are due to your approach. Fix the cause of the issue, not the symptoms.