Seward Meet 8/21 (plan B)

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Seward Meet 8/21 (plan B)

We’re heading to Seward tomorrow for a meet. Sorry for the brief update, it’s been a busy day to get this meet together. I’m truly excited for the team, this course is a great one to have as a first meet of the season, challenging with some fast sections. We have some added steps to take for COVID-19 safety, but once the races start all this will be worthwhile.

Here are some quick notes about the day:

  • The meet is at Seward HS
  • Arrive in the morning with your uniform on, no locker rooms
  • Bring water, food, DEODORANT, towel, facemask
  • You might also want a wet washrag in a ziploc to clean up after your race
  • Masks required while on the bus
  • Athletes Arrive to load at 7:45am
  • Bathroom break in Cooper Landing (at the boat launch)
  • Arrive in Seward at 1:00 to walk course and warm up
  • Races start: 2:00 girls 2:45 boys
  • about 3:30 start home
  • home between 8 and 9
  • Athletes need to bring food and water for the day (morning snack, lunch, post race snack, dinner, evening snack)
  • If we are able, we will get pizza delivery in Seward after the meet to eat on the bus

Here is the Travel Mitigation Plan Here is the Meet Mitigation Plan


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