Week 4 of 11 First Meet

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Week 4 of 11 First Meet

Last week was another amazing block of work. We had time trials and a track workout, a long tempo session, and a long run on the weekend. It was challenging but also an opportunity to become stronger and faster.

This is a regeneration week, we’ll keep the process going, with some time to absorb the gains you’ve made the last few weeks. Like always, you want to keep up with nutrition, sleep, and hydration to give yourself the opportunity to get stronger.

We have our first meet on Saturday at Tsalteshi Trails. We want to put in a good effort at this race and learn how to race this course. This is the course we’ll race for regions for sure, and there is talk of making it be the state championship course also. So let’s take adavantage of an early look at the course and get some valuable experience. The athletes need to arrive at the HS at 7:30 am on Saturday with everything they’ll need (food, water, clothing,etc…) for the day.

We’re hosting a meet on 8/28 at Lookout Trails. We’ll have a meeting this Wed 8/19 at 6pm on Google Meet to go over plans. Here is a link for the meeting… GOOGLE MEET The meets this year are going to be different. We’ll get a good idea of what works and doesn’t work at the Tsalteshi Meet and adjust the plan from there. But we will need parents to volunteer to help with the meet. We can go over what’s needed Wednesday.

We still need an official parent rep for booster club. Marj Dunn covered for us this last meeting (thanks Marj) and has the info to pass on. We have a concession shift at the volleyball game this Friday the 21st at 3:30. We need two adults or one adult and two kids to run the concessions. The concessions are simpler this year because there is no prepared food (pizza, nachos, etc…). Please call me if you want to be the parent rep or can cover that shift.

Thanks and great job getting to this point in the season.


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