This Week August 9th, week 3 of 11

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This Week August 9th, week 3 of 11

What an amazing season so far. We’ve had every kind of weather: sunny, rainy, thunder and lightning, cool, and hot. We’ve found raspberries and blueberries. The beach runs have been so refreshing. All that and we’ve had hard and beneficial workouts, some days without even realizing we were working so hard! Your coaches are so excited to have such a fun and talented group of athletes to train and teach and learn with.

This is the last hard week of the first Base phase of training. It will help to make sure you get plenty of rest and nutrition this week, we’re going to challenge you in the workouts. Nothing you can’t handle, but it will help to keep up with sleep, hydration, and nutrition this week. Check the season training plan if you want to see how this week fits in to the season schedule.

Please get signed up for Training Peaks, it will really help you and your coaches navigate this crazy season. Here’s the signup info from last week. If you have signed up already, check your phone app, or sign on the website to see the workouts as they’re updated this week. The workouts there will be updated with more specifics as the week progresses.

Parents, we need someone to attend the booster club meeting tomorrow at 6pm at the High School. Even if you’re not sure if you want to commit yet, we do need someone to attend. Here is the details about booster club.

We are pushing the mile TT to Tuesday, hoping for nice weather. The time trial isn’t a big concern, we use it as a starting point for your training paces. It’s a chance to check in with your fitness and progress. Monday we’ll do a Strength and Mobility workout. Watch this video for demonstrations and explanations of the workout. Thanks and let’s have another amazing week.


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