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Training Peaks This Week

Hey team, I want to get all of you to set up a Training Peaks account and start keeping a training log. The upcoming workouts are posted in your account so you can know what to expect each day. Your log can be anything from automatic upload from watches to entering in a few notes about each workout.

We also want to be able to keep planning and training even if we’re not allowed to train in person because of the COVID-19. TrainingPeaks allows coaches to send detailed workout plans to the team easily, monitor your progress, and provide feedback to you.

It’s a free account and phone app. You’ll get the premium level free for two weeks, but you don’t need the premium level. The phone app is also free. There should be no cost to you.

Although training watches(fitbit, Garmin, etc…) collect lots of information, only the workouts make it to TrainingPeaks. Your private data collected (activity levels, steps, etc…) is for you only. The TrainingPeaks charts and reports also allow us coaches to monitor your training and watch for signs of over-training or if you’re ready to bump up to the next level.

You can find the sign up link for TrainingPeaks here. There is a link on that page to sign up for TrainingPeaks and associate your account with our coaches account.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help, please give me a call. 907-980-0459


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