2021 Regional Championships in Kodiak

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2021 Regional Championships in Kodiak


Bus to Anchorage, fly to Kodiak. Race Saturday morning. Fly to Anchorage Sunday, bus to Homer. Unfortunately we’re only able to take the top 7 Varsity to this meet.


  • Coach Bob 907-980-0459
  • Coach Alayne 570-242-9045


AS1316 Oct 1 (Friday)
DEP Anchorage 05:30 PM
ARR Kodiak 06:27 PM

AS1249 Oct 3 (Sunday)
DEP Kodiak 11:25 AM
ARR Anchorage 12:17 PM


This is an extended trip and will be fun and successful if the team commits to personal responsibility. Parents – please remind your student of the privilege of traveling for sports!

  • Study hall is not optional, if all schoolwork is completed it can be used for reading, journaling, sketching, or similar activity.
  • Reminders of appropriate behavior will be given and need to be responded to.
  • Masks will be worn covering nose, mouth and chin when indoors in public areas.
  • Assist with meal prep and clean up
  • Be a good citizen/team player through out the trip, not just at the meet
  • Free time will consist of games and low-key activities

*If a student repeatedly ignores expectations then they will loose privileges on this trip and future team travel.


We’re staying at Camp Mueller, a youth camp facility run by the Elks Lodge. I’ve never been there before but we are expecting to have meal prep area and sleeping pads provided. We’ll still need to bring sleeping bags and pillows. The camp is near Safeway and Wal-Mart so we can walk to purchase breakfast and lunch supplies

What to Bring

  • $40-$60 for snacks and meals
  • Water bottle
  • Pillow, sleeping bag
  • Deodorant
  • Clothes for 2 days
  • Personal snacks
  • Schoolwork
  • Quiet activities (reading, journaling, sketching, etc)
  • XC gear
  • Toiletries, including menstrual supplies if needed


  • Friday Lunch
    • @ Fred Meyers
    • or bring sack lunch
  • Friday Dinner
    • @ Airport or before if time
    • Another meal once ARR in Kodiak
  • Saturday Breakfast
    • purchase supplies from Safeway
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast
  • Sunday Lunch
    • 1st thing after arriving in Anchorage
  • Sunday Dinner
    • on the way home


Schedule may be adapted as needs/opportunities arise. Study hall will be prioritized and attendance is required.
Morning meetings are required.

  • Friday
    • Excused from class after 1st period
    • Bus leaves HHS 10:15
    • Stop for lunch/snacks in Soldotna
    • Arrive Airport 3:30 to check in
    • Eat snack/meal before boarding
    • Flight leaves 5:30
    • Arrive Kodiak 6:30
    • Bus to lodgings
    • Purchase Meal supplies (Breakfast)
    • Eat again if needed
    • Study time before lights out
    • 10:00 lights out
  • Saturday
    • 7-7:30am breakfast
    • drive/bus to meet
    • 9:45 AM Boys JV Race
    • 10:30 AM Girls JV Race
    • 11:15 AM Boys Division II Varsity (Small Schools)
    • 12:00 PM Boys Division I Varsity (Large Schools)
    • 12:45 PM Girls Division II Varsity (Small Schools)
    • 1:30 PM Girls Division I Varsity (Large Schools)
    • 2:30pm Awards
    • 4:00 back at lodging
    • Dinner
  • Sunday
    • Wake, breakfast, pack, clean up
    • @ airport in time for flight
    • ARR Anchorage 12:17pm
    • Lunch
    • Bus to Homer ARR about 6pm