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Borough Championships Review

What an amazing day of racing! The weather didn’t feel so great, but those temperatures and humidity can actually help you run faster. The course was flatter and faster than any we’ve ran on this year, and it showed in the times. You hit many PRs and by quite a bit for some of you. RESULTS HERE

We witnessed an amazing first race with Maddy’s inspirational effort to focus and reel in a competitor over the last kilometer. It was so exciting to see the determination heading into the last hill 50m behind, then emerge right on her shoulder. Maddy didn’t quite make it around her at the finish, but just to see her make up that much ground was inspiring. She also made that girl earn the position, sprinting her right to the finish line.

That race set up the rest of the day, consistently showing how strong you all are. Running competitors down at the end of a race is one of the hardest things to do, it takes confidence in yourself and your preparations, and the skill to know just how hard to go. That kind of tough racing also shows your determination to succeed. I saw that in all of you, every single one of you raced for a strong finish, so awesome to see you charge to the finish full blast.

Congratulations to some of you for finishing your season with a strong race. Unfortunately we found out Friday that this was going to be the last race of the season for those of you not racing varsity. The Regional meet this week is going to be Varsity only. You are all welcome and encouraged to keep running with us the next few weeks, we’ll need your team spirit to make it to state. It can be challenging to keep this amazing fitness through to your next sport, or your winter training plan. Don’t waste all that soreness and exhaustion you endured the first few weeks, you don’t want to go through that again!!!


PS. IF you have any pictures from the day, send them to me so I can add to this post…


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