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4 Minute Mile

May 6th, 1964 Sir Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4 minute mile. It was a barrier many said couldn’t be broken, an inherent human limit. This barrier was a widely held perception, backed by flawed logic and explanations. It took a special group of coaches and athletes to overcome that mental barrier. To train and prepare for months, to enter the competition that day with a plan, all while confronting those who believed it impossible. That day changed the way we look at records, no longer barriers.

This first of the two videos is Bannister narrating what was in his mind during the effort. It’s amazing how much of a mental barrier it was. That barrier was there during his preparation: training, eating, sleeping, everything. They all had to believe the barrier was breakable.

The second video details the development of the mile record through the years. “For the next nine years, the four minute mile stood unrelenting”…

We’ve been witnessing a new “barrier” over the last few years, the 2 hour marathon. The athletes are overcoming this one with pacing and technology.

When it comes down to it though, it’s another mental barrier, years from now sub two hour marathons will be a standard not a barrier.


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